Computer Science and Library

Situated next to each other, the newly refurbished computer laboratory and restocked library provide a powerful resource for research – and a good resource for reading for pleasure too.


Technology is now well and truly embedded in children’s daily lives. More recently, they have been totally immersed into the latest technological world. Interacting with their teachers on Zoom and seeing them on YouTube has opened up a whole new world of learning. Accessing lessons remotely and using technology for leisure have all been part of the learning curve. Computers, tablets, phones, televisions and remote-control devices all play their part.

Our computing curriculum ensures that we equip our children as active participants in the digital world in which we live. At Ripley Court, we encourage the development of digital literacy, digital citizenship and computer science. Coding is a particularly popular part of the curriculum, pursued from Year 3 through to Year 6.

We teach our children how to use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information private, and making sure they understand what to do if they encounter anything that concerns them online. We also teach the fundamentals of touch typing both in class and as an after-school activity. All pupils in Year 3 and above are given a Microsoft Office 365 account to benefit from all its functionality.

Our children are taught how to use technology purposefully, to understand what algorithms are and how to create and debug simple programs. ICT is embedded in many other subjects across the curriculum and is used for senior school preparation. For example, Ripley Court currently subscribes to, BOFA and Atom Learning. Subject teachers are encouraged to book the computing room for their lessons and the facilities in the room are made use of for after school activities.

The school is well equipped with a dedicated computing suite comprising of twenty PC workstations.  All classrooms have Promethean interactive whiteboards. There are three banks of iPads available to class teachers and ten Apple computers. A secure wireless network is available throughout the school for pupils, staff and visitors.


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