Digital Learning

Ripley Court has been at the forefront of digital learning for many years, and this is delivered in two ways:
Firstly, "Traditional" computing, using late-model PCs and conventional software such as MSOffice, Google Earth, educational software, digital editing. Children are also taught to code (program) in languages such as Scratch, LOGO and VisualBasic. Children use the main computer room from reception (age 4+) up.
Secondly, we have several banks of iPads that are issued as needed in lessons to enhance learning, allow research and support the classroom experience.
Although we do not permit children to have their own devices or phones at school, not least because we are keen to be fully in control of internet access, and these devices can be distracting if not used positively, children are entirely at ease with the modern way of "doing life" by the time they leave.

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