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Competing, playing to win, learning to live with occasionally not winning and socialising around sport are all vital lessons in life. All children at Ripley Court enjoy an enormous amount of physical activity and all compete in matches against other schools. We have an enviable record for a small school, and our children are in excellent shape!

In Little Court they have two hour-long sessions with male and female professional coaches, and from age seven (Year Three) they get five-and-a-half hours of team games in addition to the many happy ours each week of outdoor play (mostly sporty!) and break time. Boys and girls also compete in local tournaments in football, cricket, hockey and netball and we host the largest independent cross-country event in the area every autumn.

Many of our pupils have gone on to enjoy county honours both at Ripley Court and beyond.

Ripley Court has twenty acres of beautiful Surrey countryside, sixteen of which are devoted to outdoor games. The children use these for team games and for break play as a matter of course. Importantly, this is why we can put on so many fixtures and thus ensure all have a chance to participate in matches against other schools.

There are also tennis and netball courts, grass courts, and lots of space for rugby, football, rounders and cricket pitches, as well as a demanding cross-county course.

Ripley Court has a full-size gymnasium, which is equipped with all the usual gym equipment as well as a climbing wall. It is also useful for the Headmaster’s assemblies and for larger plays and musical productions.

The recently refurbished indoor pool provides a luxurious setting for swimming. Children are taught to swim from Nursery, and specialist lessons continue every week until they leave the school. Ripley Court is one of the stronger swimming schools in the IAPS. Indeed, for several years we had more finalists in the national competition than any other school in the country. We often have representation at this level - but the main point is that all the children learn to swim well as part of their normal curriculum.

Combined with specialist teaching, this leads to rapid progress and a strong understanding of the basic scientific principles of research, observation, theorising and verification with evidence.

For information about hiring out our facilities please contact Simon Southion (