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Ripley CourtSchool

Future Development

The long term plan of the school, to replace all wooden buildings with permanent brick structures, is now well under way and should be complete within a decade.

Powerful first steps were taken with the £1.3 million construction of new dining, art, science and general teaching rooms in 2007. Also in 2007 a new hard netball / tennis court was constructed, primarily to provide facilities for the increasing number of girls.

The next major step was the construction of a new multi-purpose million-pound building completed in August 2013, which removed two of the older classroom blocks and replaced them with a new music studio, teaching rooms, learning support facilities and a Food Technology teaching kitchen, which adds a whole new dimension to the school.

The latest addition in 2014-15 was a new swimming pool.

Planned to start construction 2018-19 is a multi-million pound building offering a number of classrooms, a dedicated Design Technology teaching workshop, changing rooms and more.

The fact that Ripley Court has been able to invest so much in the plant and structure of the school is a testament to its growing success and popularity in the West Surrey area.