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Ripley CourtSchool


Normal entry ages are:

The Ark Nursery (rising 3),
Reception (rising 5) and
Year 3 (rising 8).

Increasingly, children also join in Year 7 (often from state primary school). If there is space, meaning fewer than 40 children in the year group (36 in years Reception to Year 2), children are welcome to join at any time.

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Do also see the policy on the usual admissions process.
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In the nursery, children often start on a part-time basis, attending a minimum of five of the ten available sessions. They can build these up to full time as they gain confidence.

All children are invited for a "taster" morning before joining, and will also have to satisfy the headmaster, through such assessment or reports as he may deem necessary at that time, that their demeanour and the standard of their work fits the Ripley Court pattern. The older the child the more formal the entry assessment.

“Ripley is a tight knit community where everyone knows everyone else” - Ex Year 8 pupil