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Ripley CourtSchool

We Will Rock You

On 7th and 8th December Years 3 and 4 rocked our socks off with their incredible production of ‘We Will Rock You’!

They told the story of a group of Bohemians who struggle to restore free thought, fashion and live music in a distant future where everyone dresses, thinks and acts the same. During the performances the stage was brought to life with fantastically performed Queen hits, energetic dance routines, bold costumes, bright faces and big hair. The audiences clearly enjoyed every minute, and so we asked the pupils what they enjoyed about taking part in the show. This is what they said........

“I loved it!! My favouite part was all the dancing. I cried a bit when it was all over."

“All I can say is fun, fun, FUN!!”

“It seemed to start with nothing, and then it turned into something ginormous!”

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done! I think I will remember all of the words forever.”

“I really enjoyed it and my favourite part was the costumes”

“I loved all of the exciting bits, like the dancing and the flashing lights.”

Photograph credit: Jeremy Gassman PhotoViva