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Ripley CourtSchool

Year 6 History Detectives

Year 6 have been looking at different ways of finding out about the past.....

One way is to look at artefacts, and they were shown a collection of objects found in the school grounds or in the locality.  They handled Mesolithic flints and Bronze Age coins from which they learnt that the area has been settled for thousands of years, and money for trade was used much earlier than they imagined.

Some chose to take part in a dig with two local metal detecting enthusiasts.  They all had a chance to use the metal detectors and dig, and in just over an hour on Court Meadow they had found many objects ranging from a tent peg to part of a ploughshare and horse shoe.  Then in true detective style they used these clues to work out what the field had been used for in the past.  Sadly no treasure horde yet!