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Ripley CourtSchool

Bough Beech Reservoir


On Thursday 28th April the whole of Year 5 embarked on an adventure to Bough Beech Reservoir to see first-hand how the water we drink gets treated. Last term Year 5 had been learning about the different stages of water treatment and the visit to Bough Beech brought this to life. The year was split into two groups and each was given an excellent water expert to give us a guided tour of the treatment works. The first group went to see the reservoir and the massive dam that was storing all the water. The first task was a race to the top of the dam which was thoroughly exciting but hard work. Once we got to the top the view was magnificent as the reservoir stretched as far as the eye could see and it was extremely calm and peaceful. Once the children got their breath back after the climb and the spectacular view they actually got a chance to go underneath the dam. A number of children highlighted this as their favourite part of the trip. Whilst the first group were busy exploring the reservoir, the second group, went to visit the treatment works and got to see the 9 different stages. The children were amazed by the sheer size of the works and the number of different stages involved in making the water safe to drink. Once they visited all the stages they had a lesson on saving water which was entertaining but also very useful. It made the children realise how lucky they are, as some people in Africa have to walk long distances to get just a few litres of water where as we can just turn on a tap and get as much water as we want. After lunch the groups swapped over to partake in the other activity they hadn’t done. Overall the trip was a great success, the children behaved exceptionally, it was both educational and enjoyable and they learnt a tremendous amount. 

Mr Brooks