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Ripley CourtSchool

Year 6 children take in some local history

Why go further afield - Ripley is a very historical village in its own right.

The photograph shows The Barn (next to the ceramics café). Little Barn is attached. They were originally one building built in 1500. It was The White Horse Inn.

Year 6 have been looking at old maps and photographs of Ripley as part of their local history study. This week they have been taken around Ripley by Clare McCann and Les Bowerman from Send and Ripley History Society - what they do not know about the history of the area is not worth knowing!

The pupils sketched, photographed and completed a questionnaire.

The oldest house in Ripley is Vintage Cottage in Rose Lane - look down the side - it used to be a 'hall house' - one room with a fire in the middle.  We even saw a sample of wood from a beam that was used to date it - 1392.