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Children raise funds for Imvelo

More cash raised for Imvelo

Part of the funds raised entirely by the children at last week's Summer Fair will go to Mr Gough's pet charity - Imvelo in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, which runs three schools for local children there.

Lindsay Norman, who liaises for Imvelo from Cape Town writes 

"Wow, this is really wonderful news! Thank you so much.

Butch and his team must also give their views but my thoughts are that with this amount of money – now GBP1 000 from Ripley Court School – is that we can fully equip the ECD classroom at Mtshayeli. The first priority is tables and chairs and there should be plenty over for resources. I received a quote for ECD furniture but it’s very expensive, for example a 2 seater desk is $ 75 and single seater table $50 and chair $27. We’re looking at other options in the meantime as perhaps good quality plastic chairs and tables might be cheaper. I work for Oxford University Press Southern Africa and so can get a good discount on ECD resources such as posters, flashcards and so on. We have also received some great donations of ECD material here in Cape Town and that can also go towards the Mtshayeli classroom.

I’m envisaging wonderful before and after pictures for Ripley Court School so that they can see exactly how the donation has transformed the classroom. Once we’ve stocked Mtshayeli ECD we can move on to the other schools that also need our help with ECD and Ripley Court may want to continue their support in this way. The focus of the Hwange Schools Project for this year is ECD for all of the schools that we support.

Once we have finalised costs of furniture and resources and if Imvelo agrees with the plan, I will send you a full proposal that details the spend and the time line to deliver the stock to Mtshayeli.

Once again, thank you very much and please let all those involved know that this donation is very gratefully received and that it’s going to make a huge impact on the school.

Kind regards

Lindsay "