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Alex Danson visits

England hockey star Alex Danson visited Ripley Court to take a coaching session.

On Friday year five were lucky enough to have a lady called Alex Danson to visit us in school. She is a British hockey player and has over 200 international caps! Her shirt number is 15 and she plays as a forward for England.  She also has an Olympic bronze medal but she didn’t have it with her but promised to bring it in next time. She was only 16 when she first played for England (wow!) which is only 7 years older than me! She got all of the boys and girls together and played a competition where we push passed to each other and whoever push passed the most would go up the ladder and whoever did the least would go to the bottom of the ladder.  We then did some other skills like dribbling and after that the next skill was dribbling whilst keeping eye contact with another person as we passed our balls to each other. She was really nice and fun and inspired me. One day hopefully I will play for England!!!


Eleanor aged 9