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Ripley CourtSchool

Year 5 Visit Tudor Times

Year 5 enjoyed a successful trip to see the Mary Rose.

Mrs Hatfield, Head of History, writes:

A happy trip, a lovely sunny day, great to be walking under the Victory, and to see a Destroyer being tugged in to port.  The museum is full of things that were found on the Mary Rose, including reconstructions of some of the  crew based on the skeletons they found with their possessions beside them.  Very poignant. Needless to say the drowning of the ship’s dog, “Hatch”, was considered by many far more upsetting than hundreds of crew that drowned! His skeleton was a win!  A man vividly describing how the surgeon on the ship treated the crew was popular, as was a nasty collection of knives and gadgets. 

Going in a glass sided lift so that we could see the whole of the ship at once was considered ”epic”.  In the workshop they looked at replicas of artefacts and worked out their use, compared rich and poor clothes and possessions etc.