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Spicky returns

Long-time employee of Ripley Court and favourite of the children, Freda "Spicky" Spicket returned to talk to Year 6.

Freda is nearly 87 and she still lives in the house where she was born in in Ripley.  Year 6 asked her questions about her life, the village, and Ripley Court, where she worked as a cleaner for 32 years. When the Newtes left she continued to work for them.  This was part of learning how we can find out the past.  The disadvantages of oral evidence can be the person has forgotten things; this was not the case with Freda! 

Amongst other things we learnt that the family tin bath hung outside on a nail and was brought in once a week for baths, she left school at 14 and worked at the coop in Send which is where the funeral directors is now, when Ripley Court was used as a maternity hospital in the War she was a girl guide and  came and served the mothers' tea, she still has the nails around her windows where the blackout went, and how she cleaned the theatre floor with polish that was sticky like treacle. There were so many questions that we may have to have Freda back.  She cannot wait!