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Recognition at Ripley Court from Sir David Attenborough

A Year 4 pupil from Ripley Court School was absolutely delighted to receive a letter from her hero Sir David Attenborough.

After watching ‘Blue Planet’, the pupil was inspired to write to Sir David Attenborough to share her thoughts on the environmental issues and how she, along with her ‘Eco Warriors’ members at Ripley Court School, are helping to tackle the problems. In the letter she detailed some of the initiatives undertaken at the school, and explained how Ripley Court pupils have set up a new school recycling centre, taken part in many litter picks, and have banned single use plastic cups.

The letter from Sir David Attenborough reads “I am so pleased that your school is doing so much to help tackle the plastic and waste problem. If everyone does as you are doing, our world will be a cleaner and better place to live in.”  

The Year 4 pupil said “I was so happy to receive a letter from my hero Sir David. His words inspired me and my friends to keep fighting for the planet”.