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Year 8 trip to Nower Wood

On Monday 17th September Year 8 visited Nower Wood and took part in their outdoor education programme.

The children carried out ecological sampling techniques and compared the organisms found in different habitats.

Here’s what Year 8 pupil, Ivo, thought of the trip:

"On a bright Tuesday morning, 8JG left for Nower Wood, which is a purely educational woodland in Leatherhead, protected by Surrey Wildlife Trust.
When we arrived we were briefed on what we would be doing; pond dipping and sampling techniques. We then headed off to Top Pond via an unnamed one which we compared it to. The unnamed one was very small and dry as there were drainage issues. Top Pond, on the other hand, was rather large and full. Here we went pond dipping. The coolest things my group caught were a Damselfly Nymph and a Whirligig Beetle. We also measured the turbidity, PH and the temperature of the water and the light level. We discussed how these affected what creatures lived in the pond.
After lunch, we went on a walk through the woods. Along the way, we stopped off in an area with a lot of spindly trees where Tom dug a pitfall trap with a plastic cup in it. We then stopped at a grassy area where we swept the grass with nets and emptied them onto white sheets to see what animals were living there. We found lots of spiders and crickets.
We reached our final destination where we used quadrats. Our guide, Josie, gave each group some randomly generated coordinates which we made axes of using tape measures. Each group then put their quadrat in each coordinate and looked to see what plants were there. On our way back we stopped off at our pitfall trap and found that we had caught a worm.
All of Year 8 enjoyed the trip as the Wood was not open to the public so it felt like we had the place to ourselves."