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Attending the Royal Wedding

Two of our pupils were fortunate enough to attend the Royal Wedding!

Two of our pupils, Lucas and Annelise, were fortunate enough to attend the Royal Wedding. Here's what Lucas had to say about the special day:

"On Saturday 19th May 2018, I woke up at 5:30am! We were going to the Royal Wedding. I put on my smart suit and tie. Then when everybody was ready we went on the train to Windsor and no one else was on the train except us! It was a bit eerie but quite fun for it to be just us. 

When we got to Windsor we had to queue for almost an hour to get into the castle. We were given special bright orange wristbands and a goody bag which had handbag biscuits, a fridge magnet and the best thing a huge chocolate coin; it was nearly as big as my head!

Our friends who had invited us to the Royal Wedding live in the Horseshoe Cloister inside the castle grounds. This horseshoe cloister is lots of houses built together in the shape of a horseshoe. It is opposite the steps leading up to St. George’s Chapel so we were lucky enough to find a brilliant spot right at the bottom of the steps. We could see everything from really close by.

It was so exciting when the Royal Family appeared on the steps. We saw Prince Harry and Prince William arriving to go into the chapel. At the end of the ceremony when Prince Harry and Meghan came out everybody cheered so loudly, there was one African lady stood near to us who did the most amazing sort of cat call, I thought it was brilliant!

I loved how Princess Charlotte kept waving at everyone, it was really sweet. We managed to take lots of pictures and some videos.

I felt so happy and lucky to be there watching as history unfolded before my eyes."

Lucas, Royal Correspondent