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Ripley CourtSchool

Visiting Poet Ash Dickinson

Ash Dickinson carried out poetry workshops for Years 1 to 8.

Writer and Poet Ash Dickinson visited the school on Thursday 16th November to carry out poetry workshops for Years 1 to 8.

Years 1 to 6 poetry session was inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The pupils watched in awe as Ash read out a list of delicious adjectives, and then he got the children to create their own dream sweets using the words provided. Some of the sweet treats the pupils came up with were...

"Blue golden rich caramel pudding", “Apple exploding fruity gum”, “Golden chocolate marshmallow” and “Caramel water pistols”.

The children then created their own poems starting with “If I found a golden ticket...”.

Years 7 and 8 had to create poems which contained a line from a Beatles song. Once they finished their poems, the pupils got into groups to select their favourite, and then these finalists went up against each other in a Poetry Slam! Sophie J won with her poem of ‘Fixing a Hole’, and the other finalists were Emma F, Lily M, Freddie E, Lucca W and Amelia K.

Thank you to Ash for sharing your creativity with us!