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Ripley CourtSchool

Haslemere Museum

Year 3 visited Haslemere Museum as part of this term's History topic.

The pupils got to see ancient Egyptian artefacts, which included a well-preserved mummy, and also got to mummify their own soft toys. Here’s what a few pupils had to say about their day at Haslemere Museum:

“We had the best school trip ever. We mummified a fake body called Suty. Margo pulled its brain out of its nose! We took the heart out and later we put it back in. Then we went to see a real 3000 year old Egyptian mummy. It was wrapped in bandages and its toes were black. I learnt that if a mummy had their arms crossed it would be a Pharaoh. We also saw a mummified cat, crocodile and hawk. We did a tricky puzzle on hieroglyphs but most people got it. I loved mummifying my teddy. I touched a real 3000 year old object and it was awesome – best trip ever!”

By Alex, Lexie, Margo and Poppy.