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Ripley CourtSchool

Year 5 visit to Hampton Court

Year 5 visited Hampton Court to give them historical context for their Tudor work.

The day started off with the students splitting into two groups and exploring the grounds of Hampton Court. The pupils got to see the kitchen, the dining hall and also where real tennis took place.

During the day, the pupils took on a Digital Mission in which they had to be spies and answer questions all about Henry VIII. The children got into pairs and were each given an iPad.
Starting off in the Great Hall, the iPad took them round the Palace where they had to answer questions and complete tasks. For each task completed, the pair would be awarded ‘time points’ which would go towards the big quiz at the end of the tasks. All of the students aced the quiz and not only are they now Henry VIII experts, they also each went home with a prize!

The day ended with the children raiding the gift shop for souvenirs to take home - Most of these were chocolate based!