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Ripley CourtSchool

ASA Personal Survival Award

This term some of our Year 3 and 4 pupils are working hard to gain their ASA Personal Survival Award – Level One.

The aim of the award is to teach water safety and covers subjects such as survival knowledge, awareness of dangers and vital life-saving tips. In order to pass the award the children must be dressed in clothes and complete the the following tasks:

1. To enter water of at least full reach depth from the side of the pool by sliding in from a sitting position.

2. To... tread water for two minutes.

3. To swim 25 metres to a floating object.

4. To take up and hold the ‘H.E.L.P.’ position for five minutes in water of at least full reach depth.

5. To swim 50 metres retaining the floating object.

6. To climb out from water of at least full reach depth without using the steps or rail or any other assistance.

7. To answer three questions on when the skills learned might be used.

The children all looked very confident in the water and we are sure that they will pass with flying colours!