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Please see below for all of the latest news from Ripley Court School...

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  • Bernard Sunley Choir Service

    Published 12/12/18

    Our Court Singers visited Bernard Sunley Nursing Home to spread some festive cheer!

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  • Charterhouse Carol Service

    Published 10/12/18

    Ripley Court School held their annual Carol Service at Charterhouse Memorial Chapel on Monday 10th December in celebration of 125 Years of the school.

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  • Cherry Trees cheque presentation

    Published 07/12/18

    Our Year 8s visited Cherry Trees to present them a cheque.

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  • Christmas Shoebox Collection

    Published 21/11/18

    Ripley Court took part in the world’s largest Christmas project this term called ‘Operation Christmas Child’.

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  • Go, go to the dough disco!

    Published 12/11/18

    This week The Ark have been to the dough disco!

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  • Celebrating Diwali in Nursery

    Published 07/11/18

    Nursery had a very special visitor who helped them celebrate Diwali.

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  • Year 3 visit Haslemere Museum

    Published 07/11/18

    Year 3 visited Haslemere Museum as part of this term's history topic.

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  • 'Phil' the Bag

    Published 07/11/18

    Ripley Court School held their annual ‘Phil’ the Bag charity event on Wednesday 7th November.

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  • Practising movement with paint

    Published 06/11/18

    The children in Nursery have been practising different movements with parts of their body.

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  • Economic Entrepreneurs in Year 7

    Published 16/10/18

    Year 7 have been studying Economics in PSHEE.

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  • Harvest Assembly

    Published 15/10/18

    The annual Ripley Court Harvest Assembly took place on Monday 15th October.

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  • Apple juicing in The Ark

    Published 09/10/18

    Mr and Mrs Whiddett made a special visit to The Ark this term to show the children how to make apple juice.

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