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Ripley CourtSchool

Little Court

Little Court is our pre-prep department, housed in its own dedicated building, but very much an integral part of the whole school. It is here where our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children make huge progress; taught in small classes by experienced teachers and qualified teaching assistants.

We offer a rich learning environment and lay strong foundations at the start of each child’s educational career. Progress is closely monitored, and teaching is tailored so that every child can achieve their true potential.

Little Court is happy, purposeful and friendly.  Parents find it a welcoming environment and somewhere they feel their child to be supported, encouraged and cherished. We build excellent working partnerships between pupils and their teachers, with mutual respect at the heart of our ethos. We know the children well, supervising them both in and out of the classroom, which ensures that any potential issues are quickly addressed. We have an open door policy which enables parents to share family news, concerns or stories of success. 

The Reception team at Little Court provides a stimulating, active and enthusiastic approach to the children’s learning, through the use of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Strong Personal, Social and Emotional Development is embedded in everything we do as we believe that each child can only thrive when they feel secure and happy. We support and guide our children in making the right choices; we promote and encourage independent thinking and help them to build their resilience; taking risks and learning from mistakes. We make detailed observations and assessments of all the children and share this knowledge with the parents using Tapestry, an electronic communication forum. This maintains high levels of interactive feedback and communication between parents and staff.

In Little Court all our children learn to read, we hear them read individually every day, and to write. By the time our children reach Year 2, they can tackle quite complex mathematics. Awe and wonder form the cornerstone of our teaching in Humanities and Science and pupils are encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively to develop their communication, social and emotional skills as well as their personal learning, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Specialist teachers deliver weekly lessons in French, music, dance, swimming and games. Our Forest School, Court Rangers, is embedded in our timetables. Utilising the prep school’s resources and teachers gives the children a familiarity with the rest of the school for their move up to Year 3. They arrive there already settled. 

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