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Results and moving on to Senior School

 Most children leave Ripley Court at thirteen, although some of the girls leave via an entrance examination at eleven. It is a testament to our philosophy that you do not have to cram an able child to achieve excellent results! Click here for results

The Common Entrance exam is in eight subjects – English, maths, science, French, history, geography, Latin and religious studies, and the majority of pupils will leave by this method. Ripley Court is a strong supporter of Common Entrance for several reasons.

Firstly, the Common Entrance is a rigorous and broadly-based examination ensuring the children get full tuition in this wide range of subjects.

Secondly, the Common Entrance syllabus requires us to have specialist teachers in these areas - and this benefits not just the top four years of the school, but also children right down to nursery age (they receive specialist tuition in French, music, dance and swimming). Schools that end at eleven do not have to provide this level of expertise.

Particularly academically-able children may be offered the opportunity to write the Scholarship exam to their senior schools. This is a demanding course ending in a very tough set of exams, with A-level type questions normal. For those talented in other areas, such as music, art and games, there are often scholarships available for these disciplines too.

Ripley Court has an excellent reputation for getting children into the demanding local schools. In recent years we have gained entrance and scholarships to the Royal Grammar School Guildford, Guildford High, Tormead, St Catherine's Bramley, Wellington College, City of London Freemen's School, Hampton, Kings College School Wimbledon, Epsom College, Cranleigh, Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow, Reeds, St George’s Weybridge, St Teresa’s, Prior's Field … and the list goes on.