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Ripley CourtSchool

Academic Advantage

Ripley Court School, in South-West Surrey, is in the middle of one of the most competitive areas in the world for academic selection to senior schools. No fewer than six of the schools we regularly feed have been at the top of the academic league tables in the last decade. The children at Ripley Court gain a considerable academic advantage in these formative years.

Our philosophy of diligent progress without cramming pays off both in the short term (the children take ownership of their own education) and the longer term (they go to schools for which they are really suited). Clearly we need to have the highest expectations and standards or the children would not achieve the outstanding results they do.

The fact that we do gain successful entry to these schools - and indeed gain many scholarships to them - is testament to the fact that we get the work-life balance about right.

We assemble the curriculum to be a smooth transition through the years leading to independence and self-reliance.