Specialist teachers teach children in our two purpose-built Science labs. 

The science curriculum at Ripley Court provides children with increasing knowledge and understanding of the world around them and beyond.

A large part of our Science curriculum is practical, supported with discussions, explanations, and various resources.  

Our children are taught to:

  • Think scientifically.
  • Apply the rules of fair testing in practical situations.
  • Use the appropriate scientific equipment competently.
  • Record and display results and findings.

Thus preparing our pupils for more complex scientific investigations as they progress through school.


Examples of topics covered are:

  • Teeth and Healthy Eating
  • Magnets and Springs
  • Forces
  • Electricity
  • Plants
  • Sound
  • The Earth and Beyond
  • Properties of Materials
  • Cycle Variation and Classification
  • Light and the Eye
  • Changing Materials
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