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Ripley CourtSchool

Building Confidence

Academic confidence is built on getting the best possible performance out of each child - so that they know they are doing as well as they can. Clearly, end-of-process yardsticks, such as the successful gaining of entry and scholarships to senior schools are important, but to ensure such success we employ a number of strategies:

  • A pupil to teacher ratio averaging less than 10 to 1 ensures that the children are closely monitored, and that individual help can be provided easily in class.
  • As the children move up the school, we make increasing use of ability setting (by subject) and streaming (across all subjects) to ensure teaching style and pace are right for each child.
  • For the few who might still be struggling with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, we do have a resident Learning Support expert. We might create individual education plans (IEPs), which guide teachers, parents and the children themselves to focus effectively on those areas which need the most attention.
  • If a child is severely affected by a learning difficulty of this kind (for example, those who require considerable in-class adult support) this may not be the most appropriate school. If in doubt please discuss this fully with the Headmaster when you visit.
  • We have lots of subjects on offer – it is often the case that success in one area (such as games) will breed success in another (such as maths).
  • Finally, our teachers, although having the highest requirement for behaviour and participation, enjoy their jobs and make the lessons interesting and enjoyable. Our children enjoy coming to school, and enjoy learning.

“My child was shy and they have now blossomed and are self-confident all thanks to the school” - Parent of ex pupil